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Blog Post 09/23 – Sick of dreams

So Greg and I have either picked up a stomach bug – or we have food poisoning from dinner yesterday.  Either way, we are both home sick from work.  Sucks financially,  but not much you can do if you are both feeling like your stomachs are being ripped out.

So, of course, I belong to the NDO Club…

The No Days Off Club

So I’m home working on my music stuff – freaking out about the loss in finances, if everything is going to get done at work, and what kind of bull ish will I have tome to come back to tomorrow, you know the normal ish when you are sick and can’t work.  We all go through the same shit.

But I’m sitting at home – confined to 5 feet from the bathroom, and I can’t help but to think to myself, dam, I wish this was my life…..

I wish I could wake up like I did this morning – but instead of driving to go punch in on a clock, I was walking outside to toss the ball with the little one so I can sit back and write for a little bit in peace.  Come in, sit behind the computer, creative channels activated, songs written, music shared, followers followed, the social inner workings that makes me so incredibly happy.  I wish this was what I could do full time.  Writing blog posts, sharing recipes, writing music, talking about love, advice, friendship.  Basically, my dream job.

But the only reason we are home today, and I got to have this kind of day is because we both have been alternating bathrooms schedules since last night due to some type of stomach ailment.

I hope that one day, this is what we do.

I mean I made it this far… who knows where this endless dedication will take me…



09/24/2019 Blog Post – His love is embracing – and now I just feel like chasing.

So I got sent home from work for this stomach virus.  Got up, went in, and got sent home.  Which is nice that the company is understanding – but in the same token – couldn’t really afford to take the time off, but we all know – even when I take time off – I still work on my music, or social networking accounts – all of which is a full time job in itself – hell maybe even more than full time.

So Greg worked through his day.  I stayed home, close to the trash can, worked on music, updated some things, pushed my music, played with the dogs, made dinner, made some buckeyes, and let me tell you, I got a lot done, I’m exhausted – but I had a great day.

My desire to work from home is growing.  I really enjoyed playing housewife with Greg.  Mainly because of the fact that he appreciates every move I make, especially if work is involved in it.  I redid our bedroom, did laundry.

I have OCD – cleaning is actually something I enjoy within the confines of my own home, and not when I am already exhausted from working my crazy work schedule.

Greg noticed the difference in my emotional state of mind too.  Not so stressed, not so frustrated, almost free.

I think that is part of the reason why I push my music so much.

I feel like if I push it hard enough – then there will be some type of hope that I can create a sustainable income through one of my channels.

I like my job, but I love my creative outlet, and what that is doing to my mental health – that is healing – and that is an amazing feeling.

Greg supports my creative expression – and I know if finances could be covered – he would careless if I followed my dreams.  Can’t do that – cause the reality is – I have bills.

For now…. Need to figure out how to make 4k from home through my  music hahahahaha – goodnight

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