I may be fucked but I’m still going in for the win..

It’s been go time since I let my landlord know that I couldn’t secure the funding for the house because of the D.O.E vs Corinthian Colleges have my loans in limbo for the borrower defense to repay because of the schools business practices. It’s a class action lawsuit that’s been going on for several years. I actually filed the paperwork before I moved into this house because I was sent the notice to file. Anyways, after 3 years, I just couldn’t make the landlord wait any longer to sell the house. Luckily she needed a renter at the same time I needed a house so it just worked out. I really thought it was in the stars that I would one day own the house but I have a thing about 3. Independence day was the 3rd anniversary of living here and it just never worked out.

That doubled with the environment at work lately, I needed to move, so it was just time to move on with both. Job and house. There have been so many situations at work that some sound unbelievable, hell even I am like wtf what just happened 🙄

The environment at work has taken it’s toll on my mental and physical health. Just more than a person can tolerate. I work incredibly hard to have so little, and part of that is because I always accepted less than I deserved, as most of us do. My debt to income ratio that kept coming up because of my student loans really has me thinking some serious shit has to change.

Not only do I need a cheaper place to live, but I need a better job.

So, I’m headed to Georgia. The first stop on more to come.

I had to move. The landlord has already had the inspection and it is time to let go of a job that not only lacks in pay but also in potential.

I’m a little rough around the edges cause I was raised in the sticks but I was raised to work hard. We dragged Cypress out the swamps here in Florida. Running through spreadsheets is like a vacation, but what isn’t, having a job that puts you in a dark spot emotionally because it’s a constant struggle dealing with the boss and his eager to strike emotions. I just want to be plugged in and type my 120 wpm while listening to Eminem and Lil Wayne.

I’m good at my job, but I’m not good at being the main aim at target practice Monday thru Friday.

Even after my resignation, the nonsense has gotten worse.

To the point to where I’ve requested my exit interview with the new president.

I’m about to let him know exactly how many ethical violations go on there on a daily basis.

I may be feeling defeated at work, because honestly, I just wanted to do my job and go home, but I will go leaving an impact for change.

Something I’m known for.

I’m not the only one having the same issues, and unless someone speaks up, the misuse of power will continue to go unnoticed.

I dread the very thought of going in each and every day, often feeling the effects in my gut, but have to because we need the money for the move.

Funds are limited and because I really don’t have furniture worth any value, we haven’t made much from selling our stuff.

I appreciate the donations we have received, it’s going to help drastically.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked over at Greg and said “I’m ready to go”.

My things are packed down to bare minimum, like a few outfits, shoes and dishes. The closets are all cleaned out and the shed is almost done.

The move date, well I keep moving it up. Part of me is ready to get out everyone’s way and finally find some peace. Get back on track with my health goals and catch a breath.

I will also say, I’m looking forward to living a life with someone who genuinely is helpful. Not only will we be splitting the bills, but he helps around the house. Helps with my music. Helps when I’m having breakdowns, which has been quite a few lately.

That I feel a little back and forth with. The way I have been lately is not a typical thing. But, I did lose the house I worked hard to buy and even invested money into fixing up a few things and if I had more money, I would have fixed up even a few more things. I loved it in this house, but I know it’s time to move on. Then the finding a place to live that would allow my dogs. They aren’t small dogs. Marley alone is over 80 pounds 🙄. Then the expenses piled up do quickly that any other option outside of Georgia, was no longer an option.

Then my OCD with packing and painting and all that, it just has been a rough couple weeks.

But at least he has dealt with the worse of the worse. ✔

I’ve been a back and forth basket case the past few weeks and well, he has been quite impressive. Often offering up some game time for some distraction, which has been therapeutic to say the least.

I worry about his true ability to withstand long term but he is young so at least he still has the energy to deal with my crazy ass.

I’d give anything to be able to email my boss and be like, “well sorry but your excessive misuse of fake power has resulted in the resignation being moved up to this moment and you sir, may kiss my fat white ass 😂”


Fyi, if any you people out there offering money to tell their boss to fuck off, I’m your girl 🤗🤗

Georgia ain’t gonna know what hit em 😂

Greg’s really shocked me about the job stuff too. He often eases my mind by saying, “well if you don’t, then you can work on ur music, cooking and blogging.”

I often come back with the “that doesn’t pay the bills” but I know he can see it in my eyes, that’s what I actually want to do.

I’m a writer. Yes, often times, not grammatical correct or not in complete sentences, but nonetheless, still a writer. Some goes on beats, some gets published on WordPress 😂

We have talked about the YouTube thing too once he finds the webcam he has to find.

Maybe turn my YouTube channel into Momma’s reality television show, instead of Momma’s reality video channel 😂

To be honest, quite a few think that would be dank 😂 and once we get settled in with some internet, we gonna do just that.

Plus, Momma might start game video sharing once I get my own desktop. Once I get a job, and settled ✔

I ain’t about that being at the mercy of a man though, so y’all know that won’t work for too long for momma 😂

I do get a penny a play on Spotify tho, so if u can’t donate, u can get Momma some 💰 that way 😍

I hope that this rollercoaster ride is almost over, I’m looking forward to starting this new relationship in a new house 💯

He is helping me reach my full potential because he doesn’t cast negativity, he is supportive, resulting in my music improving, and that confidence in me, he has, it’s breathtaking.

I wish we could just leave, maybe visit some things while heading out. Almost like a vacation 😂 oh wait, what is that?

I did go to the keys for a few days last year, but I will say, I’ve had limited vacations with significant others, and with Greg, I know when we are able to, we are going to have some of the best travels.

He adores my crazy, and that is helping me prosper.

I can’t wait to drive across the state border 💯 I can’t wait to unpack things with this crazy light of my life of a man. I can’t wait to explore this little town we are going to.

I can’t wait to see where our journey is going to take us.